Who am I?

beautiful painted face

Hey y’all, I’m Barb Smith.

So yeah, who in the heck is that?

Well, I am many things…I am a daughter, a mother, a grandmother (gasp!), a wife, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a neighbor, and so many other things. But, tell me, aren’t we all so much more than just our relationships?

I’m also an art journaler, a crafter, an artist, a DIYer (yes, its a word…I just made it up LOL), a photographer, a cook and baker, a seamstress, a writer, a painter, a woodworker, a gardener, and well, you get the idea.

All of those things come together and have made me who I am…and who I am is That Crafty Chick.

My Mission

I believe that everyone has creativity somewhere inside them.


Art supplies

A lot of folks claim they aren’t creative; I say they just haven’t found their right outlet, yet. It is my mission, my goal, as That Crafty Chick to help those non-crafty peeps find their niche AND to throw as much inspiration at everyone as possible.

If there are creative things you want to learn or just learn about, here is where you will find them. I plan to take you from learning that absolutely perfect meatloaf to sewing a super cool messenger bag to homemade beauty products, bargain holiday decorating, and on and on. If you’ve been wanting to try something new creatively, you’ve found your place…and I welcome you.


I know there are thousands of excellent crafty blogs out there but I believe I can share a different point of view that is more you because, you see, I am you. I dread cooking dinner some days, struggle to pay the bills sometimes, love the thrift store (it helps me decorate like the wealthier chicks), LOVE art supplies (probably a little too much), fall behind on things (like my planner and bullet journal, etc.), do ya feel me?

You see, I am just a regular woman, warts and all, and I’m here to be 100% real with you, proving that you do not have to be perfect or rich (or skinny LOL) to make and have great things. In doing that, I will show you how you, too, can have a wonderfully creative and beautiful (but genuine) life.

I look forward to our adventures together and hope you are half as excited as I am.

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The Little Details

I love peace signs, Diet Mt. Dew, markers & pens, my Florida home, every song by the Eagles, and I could eat Mexican food every meal for the rest of my life. Seriously. My pug, Maisy, who you will see often around these parts, is basically my youngest child and gets treated as such (she can eat off a spoon and cries when people on TV fight.) I love art journaling and have been doing it regularly since 2007. It helps maintain my sanity! Lime green and orange are my favorite colors, I’ve read all the novels by John Grisham, self-improvement is a daily journey for me.

My Guiding Philosophy

It is my feeling that the world is ours for the taking but also ours for protecting. I truly am my brother’s keeper…as are you.

If this old world of ours is ever going to change, we must start showing each other more love and kindness…it is the only way things will get better.

It all starts with me…and you.