I am so excited…ICAD begins this Friday!!!

Wait, let me backup…

Since Memorial Day was Monday, that means that summer is upon us. So often summer means that our time for art is even more limited than the rest of the year. One way to combat that lack of time and the feeling of overwhelm we all run into during the summer is by using art challenges to get the most out of your art time.

There are lots of fun art/journaling challenges and classes out there. Tons of them, in fact. There is one that begins this Friday, June 1st that I am joining in on this year.

What is this great artsy challenge?  ICAD or Index Card a Day and it is, in my opinion, one of the best of those challenges.ICAD-challenge

What is ICAD?

This is not an art competition.
It’s a creative challenge.

ICAD or Index Card a Day is an annual art challenge from the wonderful mind and studio of Daisy Yellow, aka Tammy Garcia. It runs for 61 days (June 1st through July 31) each year. 2018 is the eighth year for this awesome challenge. The challenge is to create a small piece of art (index card size) each day for the two months of June and July.

Tammy shares prompts for each day of the challenge to give you a bit of a starting point. If you have an interest (and I really think you should), check out Tammy’s ICAD FAQ page that tells you all about it.

In Tammy’s words:
If you aren’t doing creative work on a regular basis, you can use the challenge to kick-start a daily practice. If your once-beloved art time has disintegrated, you can use the challenge to get back into the groove. Already a wickedly busy artist? Leverage the energy of the challenge to refresh + pump up the volume on the art you are already doing!!! Use ICAD to experiment in a new medium, make flash cards to learn a language, draw cartoons about kangaroos, explore a theme, write 61 pieces of found poetry or play with mixed media collage. The options are literally never-ending.

I am definitely jumping in this year and would love to have a few creative friends to dig into this wonderful piece of artsy goodness with me. Lots of fun to be had…

So, are you in?

I don’t know about you but ICAD sounds like a great way to make sure I get my art time in every single day this summer. Plus, let’s be real honest here, it’s a very inexpensive and simple way to jump-start a daily art practice.

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know if you’re joining in so I can keep up with your progress. Also I hope you’ll come back and keep up with mine, too.

peace & love,


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