I swear that I had the best intentions when I started this blog. I’ve been pretty good at blogging in the past but I felt the need to change things up and get my own site and blog from there (here.)  I’ve studied all about the whole blogging world because I was trying to do this the right way. I WANT to be a blogger…a good blogger…but I’ve let myself become so overwhelmed with it.

So overwhelmed that it has made me unable to even work in my art journals in the past few weeks. It’s horrible! My creativity has suffered tremendously!

I would sit down to blog and everything would just start swirling and I’d just have to walk away. Every single time.

So I’ve made some decisions. It’s time to give myself some slack from that feeling of being overwhelmed. It’s alright to feel the way I feel and there is nothing wrong with taking things slow and easing myself back into the blogging world.

So I am.

I’m going to take it slow and ease back into blogging, slowly but surely. It is my hope to consistently blog a few times a week, but I can’t guarantee what I’ll be talking about on a regular basis, yet. That will come eventually but I can’t worry about that right now. One step at a time, right?

I’ve also added some new categories that I want to blog about, too…I’ve added Rants & Raves, Planner Love, Inspiration/Motivation, and my real biggie is My Weight Watchers Journey, which I’m super excited about even though I’m just getting started (trying to get healthy and lose this extra weight.)

I’ve been heavy to fat my entire life and decided not too long ago that I’m getting old and the time is going to pass whether I’m taking care of myself or eating myself to death. It’s time to do something about this body (and health) of mine…so I am.

If you’re on Weight Watchers, please drop a comment so we can connect. I need all the friends on the same path that I’m on that I can get. I’m doing WW Freestyle online only (for now) and I’m also a member at Planet Fitness and I’m working on being better about going and working out.

I guess you can see that I really am trying to figure this life of mine out, bit by bit. I will be sharing all my “stuff” here and I’d be super psyched if you’d stick around and journey along with me.

Back soon, I swear!

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