Good morning, y’all.

I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee and pumped to get this party rocking. Today just feels like the perfect time to jump right into Art Journaling here in this new space of mine because there is an abundance of info and ideas running around in this head of mine. So much that I am excited to share with you.

Learning to Art Journal

There are a bazillion art journal blogs, classes, videos, books, teachers, etc. out there. The best version of me art journal pageIt’s as though I have seen, watched, learned from and bought what about 90% of them have out there offer.

Currently I am a member of Teesha & Tracy Moore’s Artstronauts Club and I have taken classes from Julie Fei-Fan BalzerKelly KilmerRoben-Marie Smith, Sami Harding,  and more. I have poured over books about art journaling for more hours than I can count (I’ll share my favorites soon.)

It is my quest to constantly work at broadening my knowledge base and learn new techniques. You see, after a number of years of making art, I feel like Art Journaling is an art calling of mine and I want to be the best I can be.

I Love Art Journaling

Because of this deep love I have for Art Journaling, I want to share my love and passion for it. I  with everyone that has even a flicker of interest and wants to learn. I want to grow and help others grow, too.

Keep in mind, I am NOT an expert and don’t claim to be. I am not formally trained in art (I just love it.) I believe that art is subjective so what you find beautiful may not align with my ideas of artful beauty; That is perfectly alright. This is a place to share and learn and find some beauty in every day life.

Getting Started

I know it’s great to just dive in and get started when you begin something new. There are also some of you out there who are hesitant to even think about starting your first Art Journal. My suggestion for any of you that are new to Art Journaling is to relax.

See the Future art journal page


Trust me on this one; don’t go into this fascinating, entertaining, freeing and fun adventure all hyped-up and feeling anxious. Do you remember the No Fear stickers and t-shirts that were found everywhere some years ago? Take that idea to heart; make it your new motto. Have absolutely no fear at all. None.

One of the best things ever told to me about this favorite art form of mine is: It’s only paper. There is plenty more so just have fun!!! Whenever I find myself getting uptight over some stray paint blob or something doesn’t turn out the way I was wanting it to, I remind myself that it’s only paper. Just paper. How can a sheet of paper be the source of any kind of pressure or fear?

See what I mean?

The Why?

Before we do anything, ask yourself why you want to start an Art Journal? What do you want to get out of your Art Journal and/or the process? In the beginning your answer may be “I don’t know” or “Just because” and those are perfectly good answers.

For now.

Just keep that question in mind as you progress…it helps me to let go and get out of my own way as I work/play in my Art Journals.

Finding Your Style

The pages I’m sharing here are all blasts from the past. I thought I’d throwLife is what you make it art journal page some of these in so you can see some of my previous Art Journaling…somewhat of my style. We all have a style but it doesn’t develop over-night. Trust me when I say, you will find your style, too. Maybe you have already found it and, if so, YAY!, go you! but if you haven’t, don’t sweat it; you will find it.

I hope you’ll join me on this wonderful Art Journaling adventure. Do you know others that might be interested in joining this Art Journaling journey with us (or any that might be crafty chicks?) I will love you forever if you share my blog with them. Thanks in advance.

Coming up next time: Choosing your journal.

Peace & Love,
aka That Crafty Chick

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